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LEW's Subsidiary Partners with Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences for Co-Research Collaboration

HONG KONG / February 09, 2024 / LE Worldwide Limited ("LEW"), a leading provider of innovative grow light solutions, is pleased to announce the signing of a co-research collaborative agreement between its subsidiary and the prestigious Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences (“BAAFS”). This strategic partnership aims to advance research and drive innovation in the field of smart farming.

Since its establishment in 1958, BAAFS has emerged as a comprehensive research institution renowned for providing vital leadership and support in developing modern urban agriculture and China’s agriculture sector overall. Over its rich 60-year history, BAAFS has made valued contributions through pioneering technological advancements, academic excellence, and an unwavering commitment to innovation.

The Chinese government has strongly encouraged and backed agriculture, providing favorable policies and resources to stimulate innovation and modernization. Recognizing agriculture’s importance for national food security and evolving needs, the government supports technological advancements and sustainable practices.

LEW's collaboration aligns with this vision, emphasizing the crucial role of LED grow lights as supplemental devices for facility horticulture vegetables. The partners seek to explore the impacts of light spectra on crop growth and advance LED grow light technologies through joint research. By combining knowledge and capabilities, LEW and BAAFS strive to develop cutting-edge agricultural solutions that align with government goals for efficient, sustainable agriculture.

Mr. Teddy Lo, the CEO and Chairman of LEW, expressed his enthusiasm for the research collaboration, stating, "We are delighted to partner with the esteemed Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences for this co-research initiative. By combining our knowledge and resources, we aim to contribute to China's agricultural development and address the evolving needs of farmers through the advancement of LED grow light technology. With strong support and encouragement from the Chinese government, we are confident in our ability to drive innovation and provide valuable LED grow light solutions for the modernization of agriculture."

For more information about LEW and the new data-driven lighting solution, please visit

About LE Worldwide Limited ("LEW")LEW is a global Agtech company specializing in data-driven integrated lighting solutions for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Our mission is to enhance CEA efficiency by leveraging data, science, and technology. Our comprehensive offerings include an advanced interactive lighting system, a data collection ecosystem, smart control solutions, a cloud-enabled software gateway, and a data analytics system. We strive to achieve high-quality agricultural output by continuously monitoring plant health and optimizing farm systems.

This press release is provided by LE Worldwide Limited (LEW), which is planning to change its name to AG DATAWORKS after the planned merger and listing with the SPAC called Ace Global Business Acquisition Limited (Nasdaq ticker: ACBA) in 2024 subject to the satisfaction of the terms and conditions set forth in the previously announced business combination agreement.

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